5 Basic Rules For Women Personal Hygiene

We have often heard women talking about skincare products or which dress they are going to wear at the upcoming party. But, sadly many of them are not aware of the online health care products or personal care products that can keep them hygienic.

5 basic rules which women should follow in order to stay hygienic.

  1. Normal soaps and shower gel are made to maintain the normal PH level of the skin which is 5.5. However, the PH level for a healthy vagina is 3.8 to 4.5. That is why you should not use shower gel or soaps to clean the vagina.
  2. As the intimate part has the ability to clean itself so it’s not required to clean it from inside. In addition, too much of internal cleaning can be harmful.
  3. Wash your intimate parts at least once a day to prevent bacteria transmission into the body. Do not use sponges or gloves in order to clean your vagina as the skin of this body part is extra sensitive.
  4. Never point direct running water to intimate body parts and always use a soft towel to clean this area due to its sensitivity.
  5. To have good health it is necessary to buy proper health care products so that you don’t have to face any health issues. Get all branded health care products at attractive prices online at sukinnhealthcare.com only.

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