The One Ayurvedic Medicine for Liver Health Tip You Shouldn’t Be Without

Ayurvedic Medicine for Liver Health

Jitesh was performing exercise on the terrace when he learned that his friend Hiten had been hospitalized again due to poor liver. He rushed to the hospital and asked the doctor what the issue was. The doctor told him he suffered abdominal pain, swelling, and jaundice. The reason is heavy deposits near Hiten’s Liver due […]

How Myths and Facts Related to Ayurveda Changed Everything in the Last 20 Years

Ayurveda: The world’s oldest full medical system from ancient times is still in use today. Its origins may be traced back approximately 5000 years to its ancient Sanskrit roots, ‘Ayur’ (life) and ‘Veda’ (knowledge), and it offers a broad, comprehensive outlook on living a healthy life. It is sad to see the influence of Ayurveda to […]

Being Intimate with you why taking Care of Your Intimate hygiene is essential

Vaginal wash Product

When it comes to intimate hygiene, women are often the last to think about it – but it’s vital. From keeping the area clean and free of infection to managing the menstrual flow and dealing with vaginal dryness, women face several issues regarding their intimate hygiene. Women can improve their physical and emotional health by […]