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Enhances Stamina & Longevity with VedaMagik iSupermen

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Enhances Stamina & Longevity with VedaMagik iSupermen

It was a Sunday and we had no plans. Well, that is what happens to people who only have their Sundays off. The day is usually dedicated to sleep therapies and late breakfasts. So there I was, in my bed having the sandwich I ordered half an hour back while my wife was munching the lettuce from her salad bowl. Being a fitness trainer, she is very particular about her eating habits. I on the other hand, work day in and day out on my work desk, straining my eyes, spraining my back and ignoring the home-cooked food for the attractive options marketed by the popular food delivery apps.

I switched on the TV to look for some new content to watch on the internet and she gave me some tough looks. “What? It’s boring to eat without the TV on!”, I said, “It’s okay! If you’re being too lazy then laze for good. Let’s watch Game of Thrones, the new season is coming and we need a revision.” I agreed and searched for the same. She had already re-watched the 1st and 2nd season and thus, I had to start from the 3rd one, that too from the 4th episode. That was the point we got a plan for the day- to binge watch our favourite TV series. A few episodes later, we saw the King in the North making love to the queen and it did turn both of us on a little. I don’t know what she was thinking exactly but I went back to our initial days of marriage in my head. The moment the scene ended, her hand slid down my trunks while her lips went for my earlobes.

I instantly turned my face towards her and our lips made us ignore the popular TV show. “I’m the queen where’s my throne?” she said and sat astride me. Her words worked wonders down there, nothing less than her hands. Her derriere rubbed me where I felt it the most and I was done. Yes! I guess it lasted less than the scene that triggered us both. There was she, looking into my eyes and here I was looking somewhere else to avoid the eye contact. She held my chin with her hand and told me that it’s okay. She could see the disappointment on my face which was even more than what she felt at that point. She got up and I went to the loo to rinse off. When I came back, she pointed her phone towards me which had a picture of iSupermen. “What’s this? Hey! It happens, I’ll be fine. It’s because I’m tired maybe.”, I said. She smiled and told me to sit. She recommended the same to one of her friends who was facing the same problem with her husband.

I immediately said “Such products have many side effects dear!”
“Not at all Rishi. iSupermen is made up of Natural ingredients. Meera’s husband has been taking it for a month now and they are back to the sex life they always had.”
“But, it was all okay the last time. Wan’t it?”
“ Yes baby! But that was 2 months back. That too was nothing compared to the action we had a year back.”
“Look sweetheart, your daily routine is super hectic. Your work life has made you skip the much needed exercise sessions, you have been eating junk for a long time now and you smoke too.”
“But that’s only when I’m stressed out.”
“It’s okay! It’s your lifestyle that is the culprit. Now you must trust iSupermen.”

I was very resistant towards using the product initially but when she told me about its ingredients, I felt positive about it. When she isn’t at her gym, she keeps herself busy reading about sexual health. Thus, she gave me great insights about the product.


I was glad to know that it’s made of Salabmisri- a wonderful aphrodisiac which works as a natural remedy for impotence and erectile dysfunction in men, Talimakhana- another aphrodisiac that stimulates the male ejaculation system, cures erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, Kudzu- Useful against erectile dysfunction, lowers down stress, depression and anxiety, and also positively impacts the sperm morphology, Gokshura- improves functioning of testes and promotes the production of testosterone hormone, Vanya Kahu- improves functioning of male reproductive organs and promotes sperm production, Kounch Powder- acts on the reproductive organs, treats male impotence and stimulates testes to produce testosterone in an adequate amount, VangBhasma- increases blood circulation and results in stronger, longer and harder erections, treats erectile dysfunction and promotes  the production of sperms and seminal fluid, and Shaileyam that provides energy to the body to get rid of sexual weakness.

Thank god! I followed my wife’s advice. Otherwise, I would have never heard her say “You’re the king in the north who’s an expert down south!” I am glad I got iSupermen at the right time.

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