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The SUKINN HEALTHCARE vision has always been focused on what iProtect™  can do for the good of mankind, in medicine and in healthcare.

Our mission is as pure as our innovative product iProtect™, we have set a goal to make a lasting and positive impact in health, healing, and sanitization, worldwide, by revolutionizing the delivery of healthcare and infection control measures.

We manufacture iProtect™, Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) — iProtect™ formulations are in the purest form. Our unique, scalable production methods yield formulations that are simple, natural, effective, and available in limitless capacity to serve a variety of industries.

We committed ourselves to overcoming the flaws and deficiencies inherent in historically crude methods of conventional iProtect™ production. In doing so, we’ve made tremendous strides that have propelled SUKINN HEALTHCARE forward as the leader of the iProtect™ industry.  SUKINN HEALTHCARE formulations consistently impart breakthrough discoveries in science and chemistry that have been validated through published, scientific evidence from many prestigious institutions including National Institutes of Health and The University of Washington, among others.

In the development of specialized solutions and the design of proprietary innovative formulations, SUKINN HEALTHCARE is unparalleled in its ability to infinitely scale unique iProtect™ formulations that are unmatched properties for killing bacteria’s, viruses, fungi’s, spores etc up to 99.99%, potency, safety, consistency, and stability, with purity equal to nature’s production.

SUKINN HEALTHCARE is committed to getting iProtect™ product into the hands of those who need it the most, across the world. As a part of our charitable mission, LIVE-WELL FOUNDATION is happy to provide product donations to causes in need and toward global disaster relief efforts. 


Safety and reliability matters — our line of industry-specific electrochemically engineered solutions work to mimic the HOCl produced inside the human body. Setting the Gold Standard for efficacy: SUKINN HEALTHCARE is proven pure and stable, laboratory tested, and yields excellent results. Through SUKINN HEALTHCARE’s achievements, iProtect™ can be produced without ill-defined or unknown contaminants, offering reliability even after storage for unprecedented periods of time. Our formulations never contain additives, buffers, or preservatives, and remain free of alcohol, oil, parabens, sulphates, added fragrance — The power is in our purity.


Our biocide iProtect™ products symbolize an innovative era in hygiene and health that harnesses Hypochlorous acid, a highly effective weak acid that is naturally present in the human immune system. iProtect™ Hypochlorous acid-based products are safe for human, animals and environment and a natural chemical free solution for the elimination of harmful bacteria & viruses. 


Product Description:



The power of iProtect™ in the palm of your hands! SUKINN HEALTHCARE Electrolyzed iProtect™ Hand Sanitizer Spray our newest, all-natural, specialty low-salt formulation with a boost of powerful electrolyzed iProtect™. This non-drying hand spray can be used frequently throughout the day and is ideal to protect from harmful viruses and bacteria’s, soothe your skin's natural defence and promote soft skin! Always free of harsh chemicals — containing zero alcohol, triclosan, parabens, or added fragrance, soft on hands harsh on germs.

Key Features:

  • Kills 99.9% germs
  • pH balanced to the skin + very low salt
  • Powerful, non-drying cleanser, free of harsh chemicals
  • 100% Natural


  • 015% Hypochlorous Acid
  • 98% Oxidized Water

Direction of use: Spray iProtect™ on your palm and rub over back of hands and fingers.

Storage: Avoid direct sunlight, store below 30O C

Safety: For external use only. In case of eye contact, rinse eye thoroughly with water

Packing: 100 ml, 250ml, 500ml and refill pack 5Ltrs. 



Product Description:

SUKINN HEALTHCARE iProtect™ Multi-Surface Sanitizer/Disinfectant is the latest product in our trusted line of pure iProtect™ products range. This Multi-Surface Sanitizer kills 99.99% of germs. This iProtect™ antimicrobial sanitizing spray is safe on food & can be used to disinfect food contact surfaces and tough on microbes. As a one-step cleaner, deodorant, sanitizer and disinfectant, SUKINN HEALTHCARE iProtect™ Multi-Surface Sanitizer/disinfectant can be used to sanitize homes, restaurants, hospital kitchens, institutional facilities, commercial facilities, athletic facilities, and industrial applications.

iProtectTM is super oxidized solution identical to the oxychlorine solution produced by immune system, which is produced when an individual’s immune system is invaded by pathogenic microorganism. It possess potent bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal as well as sporicidal activity.

Key Features:

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Non-toxic and non-irritant to Humans and animals
  • 100% Natural
  • Alcohol free
  • Kills 99.99% germs
  • Anti-Corrosive in nature/Safe for most of surfaces and leaves no synthetic chemical residue
  • No side effects
  • Chemical Free
  • Used in all stages of sanitization, disinfection and cleaning
  • Do not require special handling
  • Fast acting and Can be applied in liquid, ice or aerosol (Fog) form
  • Safely disposed-off in sewage system


  • 018% Hypochlorous Acid
  • 98% Oxidized water 

Direction of use: Spray iProtect™ on any surface, raw food material, food contact surfaces to make it free from bacteria’s, viruses, fungi’s etc.

Storage: Avoid direct sunlight, store below 30O C

Safety: For external use only. In case of eye contact, rinse eye thoroughly with water.

Packing: 5Ltrs., 20Ltrs, 50Ltrs and 200Ltrs 


SUKINN HEALTHCARE iProtect™ Topical Skin Spray is a versatile, all-natural, and highly-effective electrically charged signalling solution that mimics the essence of human healing, based on the science of Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) — an organic, naturally-occurring product of our internal defence system. This iProtect™ topical skin and facial spray is the perfect solution to soothe your skin throughout the day. Support your skin's natural defences against irritation, inflammation, and post- procedure sensitivities.

Key Features:

  • pH balanced to the skin
  • Soothe and support a myriad of skin applications


  • 02% Hypochlorous Acid
  • 98% Oxidized Water

Direction of use: Spray iProtect™ 3-5 times. Air dry; no rinsing required. Repeat as needed throughout the day.

Storage: Avoid direct sunlight, store below 30O C

Safety: For external use only. In case of eye contact, rinse eye thoroughly with water.

Packing: 100 ml, 250ml, 500ml and refill pack 5Ltrs 


SUKINN HEALTHCARE iProtectTM is natural, safe and highly-effective electrochemically activated water that mimics the essence of human healing, based on the science of Hypochlorous Acid — an organic, naturally-occurring product of our internal defence system. This iProtect™ Nasal irrigation solution is based on the ancient yogic practice JAL NETI, which cleanses nasal path and sinus cavity and it has been found to be more effective than normal isotonic saline solution.

Key Features:

  • pH balanced
  • Antibacterial, Antiviral, Antifungal
  • 100% Natural


  • 002% Hypochlorous Acid
  • 99% Oxidized Water

Direction of use: Stand in front of sink, bend forward and tilt your head down right side & place iProtect™ bottle mouth against nasal passage, squeeze the bottle gently until the solution starts draining from other nasal passage. Repeat for other nasal passage by tilting your head left side.

Storage: Avoid direct sunlight, store below 30O C

Safety: For external use only. In case of eye contact, rinse eye thoroughly with water.

Packing: 500ml and refill pack 5Ltrs. 


iProtectTM germicide gargle is an advanced swishing solution, free of alcohol, CHG, triclosan, sulphates, and artificial colours or flavours. iProtect™ sets the new standard in oral excellence as a novel, all-natural, and highly-effective solution. Made from only two ingredients: electrolyzed water and Hypochlorous (an organic, simple, and naturally occurring component of our internal defence system). iProtectTM germicide gargle is gentle for all ages and can be used as a swish or gargle.

Key Features:

  • pH balanced for the oral cavity
  • Provides comfort and support for all oral applications


  • 01% Hypochlorous Acid
  • 99% Oxidized Water

Indication: For infected inflammatory conditions of mouth and pharynx caused by microbial infections & dental surgery.

Direction of use: Dilute iProtect™ with an equal volume of water and gargle or rinse for at least 30 seconds. Repeat every two to four hours for as long as required or as directed by physician.

Storage: Avoid direct sunlight, store at 30O C

Safety: For external use only. In case of eye contact, rinse eye thoroughly with water.

Packing: 500ml and refill pack 5Ltrs.


Category: Tunnel & Fogger


iProtectTM Sanitizing walking tunnels are innovative system that provides 3600 human decontamination gateway. It is provided with an integrated hydraulic system for atomization of disinfecting solution to kill bacteria, viruses, fungi. Our specially designed unit consumes less disinfectant, compared to a traditional spray disinfection system.

Our system can be installed at the zones with high scope of gathering such as hospitals, schools, colleges, supermarkets, offices, Hotels, railway stations and religious places etc.

Key Features:

  • Uniform distribution of disinfectant
  • 3600 complete disinfection
  • Fully Automatic
  • Decreased disinfectant consumption
  • Customization available

Tunnel Sizes:

Small Size     : WxLxH:4x4x7 feet

Medium Size: WxLxH:5x6x7 feet

Large Size.   : WxLxH:5x15x7 feet 


To prevent from COVID-19 sanitizing hands is a must hygiene practice. However, using bottles with spray at public places may be unhygienic as chances of transmission of virus is very common from one person’s hand to other hands through these items. Go touchless with iProtectTM automatic sanitizer dispenser, that ensure proper hygiene in public places. Our system can be installed at the zones with high scope of gathering such as hospitals, school, colleges, supermarkets, offices, Hotels, railway station and religious places etc.

Key Features:

  • Touchless & Fully Automatic
  • Wall Mountable
  • Superior Misting
  • Cost effective 


iProtectTM Fogger can be put to good use where public hygiene is concerned. Its application is not limited to Airports, communities, canteens, schools, camps, hotels and offices. It can also be used for disinfection in the food industry for Dairy farms, Fisheries, Poultry, livestock and greenhouses etc.

Key Features:

  • Ultra-Low Volume consumption
  • Easy to use
  • No degradation of disinfecting solution
  • Non-Corrosive

Capacity: 2Ltrs, 5Ltrs & 10Ltrs


Category: SERVICES


In addition to supplying safe and natural Sanitizers & Disinfectants, Sukinn Healthcare provides a faster and effective Sanitization/ disinfection services to protect your employee and facilities from highly contagious viruses and bacteria. Our sanitization specialist  are highly trained, experienced and qualified technician equipped with personal protective equipment.

We offer sanitisation/disinfection services for factories, hotels, colleges, school, malls, Sports Complex/ Stadiums, religious places as well as places of public gatherings etc.

Key Features:

  • Experienced professional
  • Quick response time
  • Complete sanitization/disinfection guaranteed
  • 100% natural disinfectant recommended by international organizations 

Category: Personal Protection


Key Features:

  • 3-layer complete protection
  • Comfortable
  • With nose pin

Product description:

iProtect™ Mask is made of non-woven fabric for easy breathability. Unlike the mask which need to tie it has comfortable & soft ear loop. A flexible nose pin is adopted at the bridge of nose; the mask joins tightly to the face; Hence, it avoids unfiltered air directly entering into the disposable face masks and thus make breathe safely.

Use: iProtect™ Masks comprise filters that prevent microbes and pollutants from being spread. For cleanliness reasons, use disposable masks and replace them when they get moist. 3 ply masks need to change after four hours to maintain hygiene.


PACKAGING: Available in a Box of 50s & OPP packing. 


Key Features:

  • 95% filtration rate
  • Maximum protection against pathogenic microbes and pollutant
  • Foldable and easy to carry
  • Make in India product

Product description:

iProtect™ KN95 mask is made up of non-woven fabric, three-dimensional design for perfect fit over mouth & nose hence, it avoids unfiltered air directly entering into mask & protects the wearer from airborne infectious agents i.e. against contamination by a virus such as coronavirus, SARS, H1N1, etc.


PACKAGING:: Available in a Box & OPP packing. 



iProtect™ N95 Respirator face mask are normally tested in the direction of inspiration (from outside to inside). iProtect™ N95 / FFP3 offers Bacterial Filtration Efficiency ( BFE) of more than 99%.


FUNCTION: iProtect™ Respirator mask prevents the wearer from inhaling dust, smoke, mist etc as well as vapours or gases like disinfectants, anaesthetic gas that are health hazards. iProtect™ also protects the wearer from airborne infectious agents i.e. against contamination by a virus such as coronavirus, SARS, H1N1, etc.

PACKAGING: Available in Box & OPP packing 


Key Feature:

  • Reusable
  • Clear vision
  • Elastic head band
  • Anti-fog
  • Fluid Resistant

Product description:

High quality PET double sided anti-fog 330 x 220 mm, environment friendly sponge made up of Polyurethane and an elastic band made up of Polyester fiber. Face shield is made for complete protection of first line responder, it has a clear vision and cover complete face.

CERTIFICATION : FDA & ISO                                                                                                            
FUNCTION: Face shield provides full facial protection ( nose, mouth and eyes), works as anti-fog and fluid resistant.

PACKAGING: Individual polybag, 100 pcs/carton


Key Features:

  • Water Proof
  • Oil Proof
  • Resistant to common chemicals
  • Resistant to puncturing

Product Description:

Minimum 3 mm thickness, non-sterile protective medical examination gloves with excellent softness and without powder and free from latex.

Certification: CE

Available sizes: small, medium, large, extra-large.

Packaging: 100 gloves in a box 


Key Features:

  • Laminated Coverall for maximum protection
  • Superior quality
  • Fluid Resistant

Product description:

Protects from blood and body fluid and other infectious fluids. Our superior quality iProtect™ PPE kit is made up of non-woven fabric and is a make in India product, it is certified by DRDO, INMAS and SITRA. The PPE kit includes PPE, shoe cover, gloves, 3 ply mask, goggles, disposable bag.

Certifications: DRDO, SITRA, INMAS and CE Mark

Packaging: 100 kits/carton 

Category: Medical Devices




Key Features:

  • Auto Power Off
  • Light Weight
  • High Precision

Product Description:

  • Weight (100 gms) excluding battery,
  • Automatic shutdown 30 seconds,
  • Measuring time 5 seconds, measuring accuracy +/-0.1*C,
  • Measuring distance 3-5 cms,
  • Measuring range Ear & Fore-head 320C-490C

Certificate: CE and ISO

Packaging: Packed in individual box, 40 pcs in carton 


Key Features:

  • Portable, light, easy to use
  • Hospital grade precision
  • Large TFT display

Product Description:

iProtectTM Fingertip pulse oximeter sets a new standard in precision with exciting features. It is extensively used in clinics, hospitals, old age home care, first aid and institutions.

It provides Spo2, pulse rate, readings within seconds on large size display. The bright large size screen provides you a clear view of the all your measurements for easy read, easy to carry use at home or outdoor.

Certification: CE and ISO

Packaging: Packed in individual box, 20 pcs in carton 


Key Features:

  • Versatile unit
  • Open breathing system
  • Lung protection
  • Manoeuvrable trolley for movement throughout care facility.

Product Description:

It is an advanced intensive care ventilator, designed to deliver long‑term respiratory support to a wide range of patients from neonates to adults, clinically advanced way to provide your patients with reliable, high-performance ventilation across the continuum of care - without compromise. The large, clear colour display guides the user comfortably through the various ventilation modes and their individual adaptation to the needs of the patient. The powerful, power-optimized blower offers high flow reserves even at maximum treatment pressure and stands out due to the exceptionally quiet operating noise for this device class. This leaves nothing to be desired, even when used in the home.

Certification: CE and ISO

Packaging: Packed in individual box



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