Vita Jelly For Kids- Calcium & Vitamin D

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Size : 1×30 Pet Container
Vita Jelly for Kids or Calcium Gummies is a unique and delicious gummy that contains the body’s most important mineral-Calcium, along with Vitamin D3. Vita Jelly Kids Gummies Calcium is an excellent source of Vitamin D to help kids maintain healthy levels of this vital nutrient. Buy good quality nutritional supplements online for your kids health.

Vita Jelly For Kids- Calcium & Vitamin D

$ 4.83

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The gummies provide all the benefits of vitamins D and Calcium in an easy-to-chew-and-swallow format. Vita Jellies for kids are specially formulated with the excellent taste children love. The product helps keep the bones strong, kills bacteria that cause tooth decay, maintains proper blood pressure, helps release hormones and enzymes, and maintains calcium levels in the blood. Buy nutritional supplements online as well for their children’s over all well being!

  • Calcium is required for keeping bones strong.
  • Helps the blood vessels to move blood throughout the body.
  • Helps in releasing the hormones and enzymes.
  • Calcium absorption is supported by Vitamin D and Vita Jellygummy’s are good source of Vitamin D and Calcium as nutritional support in building strong bones.

Free of

  • Gelatin, Wheat (Gluten), Milk, Eggs, Soy, Tree Nut, Peanuts, Artificial Flavours, Animal Derivatives and preservatives


  • Mango, Strawberry, Grape, Grapes Fruit, Orange
  • Has an eating disorder
  • Doesn’t eat regular or well balanced meals
  • Doesn’t get enough Vitamin D through diet or Sunlight exposure
  • Has certain chronic diseases or food allergies
  • Has a restrictive diet, e-g. A vegetarian diet
  • All this leads to under nutrition or unbalanced diet
  • 2 Gummy’s BID over Two years Children or as directed by the physician or dietician

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4 reviews for Vita Jelly For Kids- Calcium & Vitamin D

  1. Anshu

    I was looking for a good calcium supplement and decided to try out Sukinn’s Gummies, which has great reviews. I ordered a few bottles and am very satisfied with the product. You can buy nutritional supplements online as they sell online.

  2. Anjali

    These Gummies Calcium has been great for my child. My child has a lot of weakness, and these gummies have helped her a lot. I would recommend to buy nutritional supplements online anyone who is looking to stay healthy.

  3. Maahi Singh

    I was looking for a calcium supplement that was tasty and healthy, and I found this. These gummies are 100% natural and good for my mom and daughter. This Gummies Calcium was recommended to me by a good friend who has been taking it for years.

  4. Khushi

    I am a user of Sukinn’s Gummies. It’s a good product. I always buy in local shops with high prices. But now, I can buy nutritional supplements online at good prices. I am satisfied with the product. I will suggest buying it.

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